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 A person wears an Arctis Nova headset while playing a game.

 An Arctis Nova Pro and GameDac Gen2.

 An angled view of an Arctis Nova Pro.

 A top-down view of an Arctis Nova Pro with the earcups rotated outwards.

 An Arctis Nova Pro laying on its side with the mic fully extended.

Arctis Nova Pro Wired High-Fidelity Gaming Audio with Multi-System Connect

  • Reach almighty audio levels with the Nova Pro Acoustic System and Premium High Fidelity Drivers enhanced with Sonar Software
  • Hi-Res Certified GameDAC Gen 2 elevates the audio experience by raising the resolution for 78% purer sound* with lower distortion for quality unheard in other gaming headsets *in comparison to GameDAC Gen 1
  • Total sound immersion with 360° Spatial Audio* using Sonar Audio Software Suite *Fully compatible with Tempest 3D audio for PS5 / Microsoft Spatial Sound
  • Multi-System Connect turns the GameDAC into a hub that lets you switch between platforms with the press of a button, supporting PC, Mac, PlayStation, or Switch
  • AI-powered ClearCast Gen 2 noise cancelling microphone silences background noise and keyboard sounds for pristine audio communication with a fully retractable design
  • ComfortMax System ensures a comfy wear over long hours of use with height-adjustable rotating earcups, flexible suspension band and pivoting hangers
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Ascend above reality

Almighty Audio

Hear game audio like you never have before. Transport yourself to another world of immersive gaming. Almighty Audio is here.

Nova Pro
Acoustic System

Ultimate clarity and sound quality come together in the Nova Pro Acoustic System, raising the bar for what audio in gaming means. Our audio engineers pushed the envelope for legendary performance with Premium High Fidelity Drivers, achieving sound purity unlike any other gaming headset.

A person wearing an Arctis Nova headset with abstract orbs hovering around them to illustrate spatial audio.

Lose yourself in the soundscape with 360° Spatial Audio* and take what's already awesome to the next level with SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite.

*Also fully compatible with Microsoft Spatial Sound / Tempest 3D Audio for PS5

An abstract x-ray image showing a scene where a fighter sneaks up on their opponent.

Take total control of every sonic element with magical precision, highlighting every critical step, reload, or vocal, utilizing the Pro-grade Parametric EQ, a first in gaming.

A close up of the ESS Sabre Quad-DAC.

GameDAC Gen 2

Supercharge your game audio with the new ESS Sabre Quad-DAC, achieving 78% purer signal* with ultra-low levels of noise and distortion.

The audio resolution is elevated to a sublime 96KHz/24-Bit with Hi-Res Audio Certification, standing above our competition with 50x more detailed sound**.

*vs GameDac Gen 1, at 105 dB SNR
** vs competitor at 48KHz/16-Bit

A close up of the GameDAC Gen 2. Text reads: "Hi-Res Audio."

Multi-System Connect

The hub is your home base for multiple devices. Plug in two systems at once and seamlessly swap between them with the press of a button, bringing PC, Mac, PlayStation, or Switch into play whenever needed.

AI Noise Cancelling Microphone

Stand out with crystal clear comms as AI-powered noise cancelling software purifies your sound.

A person sitting with their profile showing off an Arctis Nova gaming headset. They are adjusting the retractable mic.

The broadcast-quality bidirectional microphone reduces noise by 25dB on any platform and blends seamlessly into the earcup when fully retracted.

An x-ray closeup on the Arctis Nova mic.

The mic works in tandem with Sonar Software's AI algorithms* to silence background noise, cutting out keyboard tapping and button-mashing.

*for Windows 10/11




  • USB
  • ChatMix* (via Sonar)
  • *Windows 10 and above

PS5 | PS4

  • USB

Nintendo Switch

  • USB


  • USB

GG + Engine

Windows 8,1 and above, Mac OS 10,13 and above

GG + Sonar Audio Software Suite

Windows 10 and above

Drivers de Neodímio

40 mm

Headphone Frequency Response (Wired)

10–40.000 Hz

Sensibilidade dos fones

93 dBSPL

Impedância dos fones

38 Ohm

Distorção Harmônica Total dos Fones

< 1%

Tipo de Microfone

ClearCast Gen 2 - Fully Retractable Boom

Padrão Polar do Microfone

Cancelamento de Ruídos Bidirecionais

Resposta de Frequência do Microfone

100–10.000 Hz

Sensibilidade do Microfone

-38 dBV/Pa

Impedância do Microfone

2200 Ohm


2x USB-C System Connections, 1x Line-in, 1x Line-out


ESS Sabre 9218PQ40

Max Audio Format

96 kHz, 24 bit

Resposta de Frequência

5-40.000 Hz


111 dB

Arctis Nova Pro Headset

GameDAC Gen 2

3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable - 5 pole to 4 pole (4 ft / 1.2m)

2x USB-C to USB-A Cable (5 ft / 1.5m)

2x Removable Magnetic Ear Plates

Microphone Pop Filter

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FAQ - Perguntas Mais Frequentes

O que significa Certificado de Áudio de Alta Resolução Hi-Res Audio?

It means that the Arctis Nova Pro is able to receive, process, and play Hi-Res formats (sampling rate of 96 kHz, bit depth of 24 bit), receiving this coveted certification from the Japanese Audio Society.

How does Multi-System Connect work?

The GameDAC Gen 2 has two USB-C ports, which can connect to your PC or console with the provided USB-C to USB-A cables. Navigate the OLED screen menu to switch between active devices.

What are the connection differences between Arctis Nova Pro models?

All models come with two direct USB system connections, but if you own an Xbox, only the Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox will allow you to connect via the dedicated Xbox port (the second USB port is flexible for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Mac).

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