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Why the Apex Pro TKL is the Best-Selling TKL Keyboard in the World

Here's why the Apex Pro TKL has been the TKL keyboard of choice for gamers around the globe for some time.

Whether you're spamming Discord or lining up headshots in your favorite shooter, a mechanical keyboard is a must.

We know it's one of the most important parts of your gaming arsenal, and that's why we strive to arm you with the best possible equipment -- like the Apex Pro TKL. Your enthusiasm for our brand and the Apex Pro TKL has helped make it the world's best-selling TKL keyboard.

We're proud to have brought you one of the most reliable pieces of equipment you have on your workstation -- or may be planning to add. If you've never gotten to know our Apex Pro TKL, however, here's everything you need to know to cement a purchase.

Why choose a TKL keyboard?

Apex Pro TKL Keyboard on a desk

A keyboard might seem like just a keyboard to you, but there are a litany of reasons you might opt for a TKL version over others, especially when it comes to the SteelSeries line.

You may prefer a TKL option simply to conserve space. You may prefer the ergonomics of keeping your mouse closer to the center of the keyboard. Or you may prefer the simple aesthetic and symmetry of a keyboard that doesn't include a number pad on your desk. Not everyone has a need for numeric keys, after all, and having them can be frustrating if you're only focusing on a set number of keys. The ability to keep your hands closer together is another real boon, especially when it comes to the ergonomic benefits.

It all comes down to personal preference, but in the end if you like simplicity as well as a bit of sophistication, you'll want to go with our TKL line.

What makes the Apex Pro TKL the best in its class?

OmniPoint switches

For starters, it's all about the switches. OmniPoint switches came about not as part of our desire to create another one of the fastest in the world, but one of the most versatile. That's all in the name: "all points." We looked at the wide berth of options currently available across the keyboard market and made the choice to allow you, the player, to adjust your keyboard sensitivity as you see fit.

The OmniPoint switches accomplish this by using magnetic fields and the "Hall effect." They're able to measure the exact distance that a key is being pressed at all times. This allows each key to be adjusted to the point at which you want it to register each time with precision.

That allows 5x faster actuation and 8x faster response time than traditional mechanical switches. It also eliminates the need for you to choose which type of switch is best for you. All you really need to know is the Apex Pro TKL is the keyboard you want on your desktop, period. These innovative keys switches are only found on the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL.

The switches are integral to your Apex Pro TKL experience, but they're hardly the entire draw. This model features an OLED Smart Display as well to deliver information to you straight from your favorite games and apps. No more having to swap between screens.

The keyboard is crafted from a Series 5000 Aircraft grade aluminum frame to ensure it's always sturdy and reliable as well, with a detachable soft touch magnetic wrist rest for great ergonomics.

That's not to mention our usual suite of customization options, which you can use to set up a variety of different color profiles. There's even a set of dedicated multimedia controls for you to adjust volume and other settings without having to leave your game. Now that's useful.

If you'd like to join the legions of other users who have switched to an Apex Pro TKL keyboard or one of our other models, look no further. Be sure to peruse the entire line and find one that feels best for you and your gaming setup.

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