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Understanding Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2

Not sure what Resolve has to do with anything in Rogue Legacy 2? We break it down for you here.

If you enjoyed the first Rogue Legacy, chances are you've already started digging into the sequel. It's just as challenging, if not more so, but there's plenty of content to wade through. You'll still have to ensure your Heir is as powerful as possible if you want to tackle everything the game throws at you. With that in mind, Resolve can be a confusing stat in Rogue Legacy 2. Despite that, it’s actually one of the most important stats you need to concern yourself with in the game. In this guide, we’ll help you better understand Resolve, as well as break down what you can do to increase your Heir’s Resolve as you play through Rogue Legacy 2.

What is Resolve?

Resolve is an important stat to get to knw in Rogue Legacy.

First, let’s get a basic understanding of this particular stat. Resolve essentially boils down to the confidence that your current character has in their own abilities. Resolve is indicated using the small emblem that looks like a white flame, right next to your level indicator. You can see it at any point in a run, and there are a few things you can do to improve it.

Basically, think of Resolve as your character’s effectiveness at using their different abilities and powers. The higher the number is, the better off they’ll be. As such, it’s important to get your character’s Resolve as high as possible if you really want to equip yourself for a good run.

How to Increase Resolve

A closer look at your Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2.

As we mentioned above, increasing Resolve is fairly easy, and there are a number of ways you can increase that number with each run. First, you can increase your starting Resolve quickly and easily with the Psychiatrist upgrade in the skill tree. The Archaeology Camp upgrade is also useful as it reduces the cost of Resolve when using Relics. It can reduce the cost by 1 percent for each rank that you unlock.

Overall, the easiest way to increase your Resolve is to equip armor and gear that puts you within specific weight classes. There are four total weight classes, and each one gives you a bonus towards Resolve. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Light (0-20% encumbrance) - grants 125 bonus Resolve
  • Medium (21-40% encumbrance) - grants 100 bonus Resolve
  • Heavy (41-60% encumbrance) - grants 75 bonus Resolve
  • Chunk (61 - 100% encumbrance) - grants 50 bonus Resolve

So, the lighter your weight class, the more Resolve you’ll have at your disposal. You’ll need to find a series of armor and gear that puts you within a weight class that you can work with, while also maintaining something that gives you a solid level of Resolve. Like many games, your character’s encumbrance level can have a direct effect on your overall ability. Higher encumbrance gear will grant more defense, but it comes at a cost to your overall Resolve. Keep this in mind when equipping your characters and heading out into the game world.

You can make use of upgrades such as Artisan, Fashion Chambers, Aerobics Classroom, and Tailors to change your encumbrance limits and weight capacity, which can help you min/max your overall Resolve.

The higher your Resolve, the better equipped you'll be to defeat stronger enemies.

Additionally, you can use four different Relics to fine-tune your Resolve, too. Blessing of Talent, Heron’s Ring, Raven’s Ring, and Pandora’s Trial will all affect your Resolve in some way. However, some of them may come with a bit of a cost for that upgrade, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately, increasing your Resolve is about balancing overall gear and defense with your character’s confidence in their abilities. For the most part, the more defensible gear is, the lower your overall Resolve is going to be. Try to find a middle ground that gives you the defense you need, while also providing you with the level of Resolve your character needs to properly pull off their attacks and movements.

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