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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Power Level Caps Explained

All players begin The Witch Queen at the same Power Level. Here's what that means for you.

As is customary with every new expansion, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is raising the minimum Power level cap. That means you'll have a new soft and hard cap to shoot for when you start your adventure on the Throne World. This serves to level the playing field so that everyone can enjoy the fresh content without needing to play catchup. Read on to learn what to expect when you next log in.

What are the New Power Level Caps in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen?

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Glaive weapon

Every player, from those who started playing on day one of release to those just now picking up the game, will start The Witch Queen at the Power level of 1350. This ensures that everyone can start the expansion on the same footing, even if you’ve never played before.

The new Power level soft cap is 1500. Every piece of gear you pick up will have a chance to raise your Power level until you reach 1500. After that, you'll start shooting for 1550, which is known as the "powerful cap.” However, only specific types of gear (Powerful and Pinnacle) will raise your Power level to 1550, so it's a bit harder to get there. After reaching 1550, only Pinnacle rewards will raise your level until you hit the hard cap of 1560.

What's the Best Way to Reach Max Power?

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen confrontation

Fortunately, reaching the soft cap is easy. You just have to play the game. Throughout The Witch Queen campaign, you'll naturally get gear, and if it's anything like previous expansions, you'll likely be close to the soft cap by the time you complete it.

After completing the campaign, Destiny 2 has a bunch of activities that give you Powerful and Pinnacle rewards. These can typically be found by completing strikes, Gambit matches, Crucible playlist activities, Season Pass reward track unlocks, and hitting reputation milestones with the various NPCs in the game. Other activities can award them and the Destiny universe is consistently receiving updates, so keep your eyes open for new upgrade opportunities and rewards.

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