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Introducing the Apex Pro TKL

It's time to take your speed to the next level. OmniPoint 2,0 is a game-changer, and this power can be yours.

When we innovated earlier this summer with the introduction of OmniPoint 2,0, we didn't want to stop there. As the Apex Pro Mini paved the way to become the fastest keyboard in the world, we knew that OmniPoint 2,0 must be introduced to more gamers.

For the fastest and most responsive keys you can imagine, with unrivaled adjustability for every key, look no further than our latest keyboard offering: the Apex Pro TKL.

Introducing the Apex Pro TKL Gaming Keyboard

Apex Pro TKL Gaming Keyboard.

For some, TKL is the perfect size. The sleeker, more space-conservative model has all the keys you need to win and leaves more space on your desk for whatever you need: your favorite figurines, your drink, and of course those game-winning mouse swipes. The Apex Pro TKL boasts our innovative OmniPoint 2,0 switches to bring you victory with faster key responses so you can edge out the competition.

Let's dive into the features of our newest gaming keyboard to find out exactly how those wins can happen.

  • The Fastest Magnetic Switches in the World: We have proven that our OmniPoint 2,0 switches are faster than the competition. Advanced magnetic sensors enable a 11x quicker response and 10x swifter actuation.
  • Adjust All the Switches: Behold, ultimate adjustability and total control over your keyboard. Every key can be individually set to respond to different actuations, to the nearest 0.1mm, ranging from a light touch at 0.2mm to a deep press at 3.8mm.
  • Two Actions, Same Key: The same key can execute another action, depending on how deeply you press it. Go from a walk to a sprint, or prep that grenade and throw it. The possibilities are endless.
  • OLED Smart Display: An integrated command center that displays useful information, anything from system settings to changing your profiles on the fly. Customizable with SteelSeries Engine.
  • Double Shot PBT Keycaps: High quality, fadeproof PBT keys for great durability and better keystroke feel.
  • Armor Made out of Jet Plates: The Apex Pro TKL is armored with a Series 5000 metal top plate, which is the same aluminum used in combat jets.
  • Wrist Rest for Optimal Comfort: Rest your palms and wrists on the premium magnetic wrist rest. All for better hand health.
  • Height Adjustable Wrist Rest: Three different positions for the legs give you the full flexibility to set the keyboard just how you like.

Cut the cord with Apex Pro TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Apex Pro TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Of course, we couldn't release a new keyboard without providing a wireless version. The Apex Pro TKL Wireless features Quantum 2,0 Dual Wireless, so you can connect to your PC with powerful, lag-free 2.4GHz, and opt for Bluetooth 5,0 for many other compatible devices. Enjoy a cordless connection, a perfect combo for the slim TKL profile for great portability. All the same great features from the wired Apex Pro TKL carry over to the wireless version.

We're thrilled to expand the Apex Line with this new offering. Whatever form factor you desire, bring moments of victory and unparalleled comfort to your gameplay with the Apex gaming keyboards from SteelSeries.