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How to AFK Farm Cookies, Spirit, Glimmer, and XP in Destiny 2’s Dawning Event 2020

Here's an easy method that will allow you to go AFK while farming cookie ingredients, XP, glimmer, and Dawning Spirit (in order to raise the shared community event level) in 2020's Dawning event.

Destiny's Dawning event is back until 05 janeiro, 2021, and that means one thing: COOKIES. (And space grandma. We love space grandma.)

Here's an easy way to farm cookie ingredients and more, even when you're not actively playing.

How does AFK farming work?

The following method takes advantage of a specific spot in the Shatted Throne dungeon where a mob of melee enemies endlessly spawn. It will allow you to stay alive and go AFK while farming the following:

  • Dawning Spirit
  • Impossible Heat
  • Electric Flavor
  • Taken Butter
  • Multifaceted Flavors
  • Delicious Explosion (if you use a grenade macro)
  • Glimmer
  • Continuous XP

Here's what you'll need to make the cookie farming happen:

Equip your Titan with bottom tree Sunbreaker (Solar spec)

This farming method only works using bottom tree Sunbreaker Titan.

Sunbreaker Titan subclass ability section with the "Code of the Siegebreaker" abilities selected in Destiny 2

Sunbreaker's bottom tree constantly generates sunspots, which are the key to AFK farming: the sunspots auto-generate to kill mobs and keep you alive.

You can use any sunclass that you want in order to reach the farm location; you'll just need to switch to Bottom Tree Sunbreaker when farming.

Equip the upgraded Starfarer 7M ship

Exotic Starfarer 7M ship in Destiny 2 inventory with "Spirit of the Season" ship mod

This ship grants a chance to recieve Dawning Spirit when picking up cookie ingredients, which you'll be doing a lot. You'll want to make sure that all 4 of the ship's perks are unlocked (by completing "And to All a Good Flight"), since the 4th perk gives you Dawning Spirit generation when finding cookie ingredients.

How to get the upgraded Starfarer 7M

If you don't already have the ship, talk to Eva Levate in the tower after completing her initial quest, "The Dawning". She'll give you the 14-step gathering and baking quest, "And to All a Good Flight". You'll need to complete all 14 steps in order to unlock the 4th perk on the ship.

Equip ACD/0 Feedback Fence gauntlet

Exotic ACD/0 Feedback Fence guantlet item equipped in Destiny 2 inventory menu

Before you get too deep into AFK farming, equip this exotic gauntlet: it causes arc damage when you are hit by a melee attack. This will allow your AFK farming to additionally generate the Electric Flavor ingredient.

You can wait to equip this item until you get to the farming location, if that's easier.

Equip XP and glimmer mods

Exotic Hard light ghost shell in Destiny 2 with "Ultimate Glimmer Booster" mod in inventory menu

Equip XP and glimmer boosting mods to your ghost shell to increase the amount of glimmer and XP you'll be gaining while farming.

Like the gauntlets, you can wait to equip these mods until you get to the farming location.

Get to the farm point

Go to the Shattered Throne dungeon and beat the first boss.

After progressing past this boss and a bit more of the dungeon, you'll walk through the wiggly jelly doorway that will slow your character. This is technically the farming area.

At this point, make sure you have all of the above items, subclass, and mods equipped. You can farm anywhere in this room for Dawning Spirit and cookie ingredients, but as of Beyond Light, this room does not grant XP. You need to go to a specific section of the room that still grants continuous XP to take full advantage of the AFK farming:

Here's Cheese Forever on YouTube showing how to get to the location.

How to get to the correct farm spot:

  1. Walk through the wiggly door slow room
  2. Proceed up the central flight of stairs
  3. Veer slightly to the left and up the next flight of stairs
  4. Continue straight across the platform, and then walk down the small flight of stairs
  5. Navigate 90 degrees to the left and look for the large set of downward stairs
  6. Follow this path, which will take you on several right turns and up 2 flights of stairs
  7. After the second set of upward stairs, you'll see a brightly lit room ahead of you
  8. Make a hard right and tuck yourself against the wall in this room, where Thralls will stream up the staircase and turn towards you
  9. From this spot, punch an enemy to spawn a sunspot

Now you can sit back and watch the farm start to roll!

What this AFK farm generates:

  • Dawning Spirit (from your Starfarer ship's perk)
  • Impossible Heat (from your Solar Sunspot kills)
  • Electric Flavor (from your exotic gauntlet kills)
  • Taken Butter (from your Taken Thrall kills)
  • Multifaceted Flavors (from your multikills)
  • Delicious Explosion (from your grenade macro, if you use one)
  • Glimmer (from your ghost shell glimmer mod)
  • Continuous XP (if you're in the correct spot)

Avoid getting kicked for inactivity

Luckily, even if you get disconnected, you can travel right back to the dungeon checkpoint (until the weekly reset), so you can return to the farming location in seconds, ferry a friend there, etc.

In my testing, it seemed like I could get away with about 15 minutes of being totally hands-off AFK before the server would boot me for inactivity.

  • If you're around, just remember to do something in game to keep yourself active every 15 minutes or so.

  • To truly go AFK and let the cookies farm overnight, you'll need to use a macro, which will keep your character active even when you're not there.

Macro editor in SteelSeries Engine with S, Space, and G keyboard actionsI've set one up in SteelSeries Engine to repeat a repeating movement ("S"), jump ("space"), and grenade throw ("G or Q"), which covers my bases for staying active while AFK.

You can set up more advanced macros to work in some melee spam, etc., in order to gain additional ingredient types, but like the grenade macro, it's entirely up to you.

Can you AFK farm Destiny 2 on PC, PS4, Xbox, or Stadia?

This farming method should work on any platform you're playing Destiny 2 on, although if you're on console, you won't be able to take advantage of using a macro to prevent getting kicked.

You can generate hundreds if not thousands of cookie ingredients this way, which upon baking and gifting, will reward you with additional experience and rewards.

Have fun playing Destiny 2: Cookie Clicker Event... err, Dawning. Happy holidays, guardian :)

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