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An illustrative render of a SteelSeries keyboard, mouse, controller, and headset sitting on a mousepad against a lush forest landscape alongside Lars the troll and other gaming characters.

Right Products

We’re putting in the work to design, make, package, and transport our products in the right ways.

What We’re Doing Now

All SteelSeries products are designed for easy disassembly and recycling after use.

We’ve cut the amount of plastic in our products. For example, our Aerox mice use 25% less plastics than a standard mouse and our Arctis Pro line of headsets uses 20% less plastics than a standard headset.

All of our products use water-based paints, which are cleaner and help minimize the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We transport the majority of our products from our factories to our warehouses by sea (rather than by air) to help reduce our carbon emissions. We’re working hard on logistics to get as close to 100% sea transportation as possible.

We track and report the energy consumed and carbon emitted from our direct operations and from the energy we buy (or in other words, scope 1 and 2 emissions).

We help players understand where to recycle all electronics, not just SteelSeries products, at local retailers and drop-off points.

What We’re Working On

We’re setting baseline numbers and determining how far we think we can go in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from our direct operations and from the energy we buy.

We’re assessing our full carbon footprint, including carbon emitted in our supply chain and when our products are in use. We plan to establish baselines in 2021 and set longer term targets for decreases in 2022.

We’re developing a set of conscious design principles to use whenever we create new products.