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Headsets Gamer Sem-Fio
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Os Headsets Gamer Wireless SteelSeries são os melhores fones de ouvidos sem fio do mercado. O alcance dos Headsets Sem fios Arctis oferece a melhor experiência em jogos para PC. However, SteelSeries wireless gaming headphones are also compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Mac, VR and mobile. So if you want the absolute best wireless gaming headset, with a professional microphone and top sound quality, shop from our Arctis wireless headset collection.

{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'61521', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': True, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Premium High Fidelity with 360 Spatial Audio\r\n* Active Noise Cancellation with Transparency mode\r\n* Infinity Power System for unlimited gameplay', 'price': Decimal('349.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 607, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'599_1212', 'name': u'Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox', 'image_primary': u'', 'image_carousel': u'', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-headsets/arctis-nova-pro-wireless-xbox', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('499'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('349.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'61522', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': True, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Premium High Fidelity with 360 Spatial Audio\r\n* Active Noise Cancellation with Transparency mode\r\n* Infinity Power System for unlimited gameplay', 'price': Decimal('349.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 56, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'596_1210', 'name': u'Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Playstation', 'image_primary': u'', 'image_carousel': u'', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-headsets/arctis-nova-pro-wireless-ps', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('91.5'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('349.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('30.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'61466', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Lag-free wireless audio on Xbox Series X|S\r\n* 24+ hour battery life\r\n* Also works on Xbox One, PC, and more', 'price': Decimal('119.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 16563, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'476_1031', 'name': u'Arctis 7X Wireless', 'image_primary': u'', 'image_carousel': u'', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-headsets/arctis-7x', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'sale', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('64.2666666666666657192763523198664188385009765625'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('20'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('149.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'61484', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Dual wireless: 2.4GHz lossless + Bluetooth\r\n* 20+ hour battery life\r\n* For PC, PS5, Switch, Mobile', 'price': Decimal('199.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 2296, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'474_1021', 'name': u'Arctis 9 Wireless', 'image_primary': u'', 'image_carousel': u'', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-headsets/arctis-9', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'msrp', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('24.10000000000000142108547152020037174224853515625'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('199.99')}
{'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('40.00'), 'early_access': False, 'main_item_sku': u'61481', 'image_alternate': None, 'related_items': [], 'new': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'description': u'* Integrated Xbox Wireless connectivity\r\n* Simultaneous Bluetooth wireless audio\r\n* ClearCast noise cancelling microphone', 'price': Decimal('159.99'), 'customizable': False, 'num_in_stock': 417, 'members_only': False, 'document_id': u'96_1035', 'name': u'Arctis 9X', 'image_primary': u'', 'image_carousel': u'', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'url': u'/gaming-headsets/arctis-9x', 'has_member_price': False, 'is_limited': False, 'price_type': 'price_match', 'related_text': u'', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('16.89999999999999857891452847979962825775146484375'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('20'), 'options': [], 'msrp': Decimal('199.99')}

Award-Winning Wireless Gaming Headsets

Why is SteelSeries the best in the game?

SteelSeries has dominated gaming audio for decades. Our new Arctis wireless gaming headsets can deliver a lag-free, lossless, 7,1 surround sound experience. In addition to their premium wireless sound quality, they also offer an optimal on-ear experience, meaning they’re super comfortable and give you the freedom to move around without the limits of a wired connection. The effective transmission range is around 40 feet (or 12 meters), so you can grab a snack from the kitchen without leaving your wireless headset behind.

High-quality headsets for every price range

No matter which gaming headset you choose, the batteries in our wireless gaming headsets can last for around 20-28 hours of active listening. O Arctis Pro Wireless também vem com um sistema de bateria dupla intercambiável, o que significa que você pode alternar entre as baterias para uma interminável reprodução.

Dominate the game on all your devices

All of our wireless headsets are compatible with PC, but if you’re looking for a multi-platform headset to use with other devices such as the new PS5 or Xbox Series X and Series S, you can take a look at our compatibility comparison chart.

Even if you want the best wireless headset for Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One, we have wireless gaming headphones perfect for you and your game. All SteelSeries wireless gaming headsets deliver the ultimate multi-platform gaming experience, no matter what gaming platform you choose.

Wireless headsets in sleek designs

SteelSeries Arctis wireless gaming headsets are designed to keep gamers comfortable and focused without being distracted. Our Arctis 7X Wireless for Xbox Series X|S and Arctis 7P for PS5 feature exclusive color schemes to match the new gaming consoles. Play all day with performance fabric ear cushions that keep your ears cool and dry and a super durable yet lightweight steel-reinforced adjustable headband to lock in a true surround sound experience.

Hear your enemies approaching with best-in-class audio

Nossa linha de headsets sem fio Arctis oferece a melhor qualidade de som possível. O Arctis Pro Wireless usa um sistema dual sem fio, que se conecta a uma estação base de transmissão sem fio. Esta estação base permite que o headset sem fio receba som sem perdas e latência ultrabaixa. Esta tecnologia significa que nossos headsets sem fio são livres de atraso e proporcionam som de ultra-altissima qualidade profissional .