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Why Use a Controller for Mobile Games?

Have you thought about how great it would be to have a console-like experience on the go? It's easier than ever before with the Stratus+.

If you're like me, you've probably often thought little of mobile gaming. Apart from some classic titles made specifically for touch controls (who remembers "Cut the Rope," "Where's My Water?," or "Fruit Ninja?"), some mobile games are scorned by the traditional gaming audience. However, according to Newzoo, mobile gaming is bigger than the PC and console markets combined! That's $90 billion in revenue.

But I'm not here to analyze the market. There are a couple of great reasons why using a controller like our new Stratus+ can give you an edge to outperform the competition (if you're into that sort of thing), fit comfortably with you wherever you go, and last many hours. Here's how.

Play better, slay faster


The first benefit is quite obvious. As many console and mobile games get ported to phones, which can handle much more demanding titles these days. Whether you want to dish out the pain in Fortnite or other battle royale titles, the Stratus+ offers high-performance, precise analog sticks that click for those extra buttons that you might need. I've also won my very first match in Fortnite by using the Stratus+! Minimal deadzones gave me the accuracy to get that edge over other mobile gamers who aren't using a controller. Also, brand new Hall Effect magnetic sensors provide a fantastic feel with the triggers, replicating that high-quality console gaming experience.

It isn't just all about competitive shooters, however. There are many other titles that feel a lot better with a controller. Look to the best Android games like Dead Cells and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Dead Cells is plenty unforgiving and complex already, so I can't imagine playing that with touch controls (and getting far). That really goes for any other 2D platformers and roguelikes. It's tough to picture playing a horror game like Alien: Isolation and doing well with touch controls in a stressful environment.

Quick setup, easy access

Stratus+ Mount

Another defining feature of our new controller is the included slim-profile phone mount. It works pretty much with all common mobile sizes, so you can expect it to be compatible with yours. This way, there's no need to position your device on any surface or lean it against something inconvenient. It's a great solution for travel, especially if you're going to be on a train or an airplane for a long time. You can also detach the mount when you don't need it, for example, when you have a larger screen.

The Bluetooth LE uses less power than typical Bluetooth, which is what results in 90 hours of play on full charge. That should last enough for any trip. And if you forgot to charge, fast charging can get you 12 hours of playing just after 15 minutes!

Connect, play, and dominate


While you've got Bluetooth LE for Android devices like tablets and Chromebooks, that's not everything that the Stratus+ can do. If you're staying at home, you can double up the Stratus+ as a Windows/PC pad by using the provided cable. So many PC and Steam games use the pad nowadays, so you're getting additional mileage from purchasing the Stratus+. And even without being tethered to your PC, there's another great way of enjoying those games on the go: by using NVIDIA's GeForce NOW. I've successfully played a couple of my PC games on my phone by using their service.

The Stratus+ upgrades the mobile gaming experience into a console-like. Take advantage of that and outperform the competition, for glory.

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