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Summing up Women's History Month with SteelSeries

At SteelSeries, we celebrate the achievements of women in gaming and more. We proudly highlight our employees and look back at the posts from this month.

March has been a great month for recognizing numerous accomplishments of women across the gaming industry, for celebrating our very own Steelheads, and for acknowledging the difficulties and challenges that women face and overcome in a variety of spaces. Through dialogue and listening, we are able to learn from them directly, as their voices guide us to a better understanding.

"As a woman here at SteelSeries, I have enjoyed reading the blogs and watching the streams our Women of SteelSeries group and our social team put together for Women’s History Month," said Amy Wielgos, Talent Acquisition Partner. "It’s not always easy being a woman in the workplace, but I have felt respected here since day one. I am proud to be a part of an organization that sees the importance of highlighting and supporting women not only during Women’s History Month, but all the time."

Let's take a look back at what we did in March. We've had a host of lovely guest content from some writers, we spoke to our employees and showcased their roles, we streamed for charities, and interviewed prominent Twitch streamers.

Our guest writers shared their thoughts:

Angela's art is amazing

Our employees shared their perspectives, favorite games, and more:

We spoke to prominent Twitch streamers:

SteelSeries Women's History Month

SteelSeries streamed with some awesome guests

The revenue from this month's streams at SteelSeries went to and the International Committee of the Red Cross. We invited plenty of awesome guests to stream with us this month, among them:

  • Graecie cozied up the audience with a lovely Minecraft stream
  • Our very own Bri and Arlette went through an emotional Journey together

Thank you for following us during this month, especially if you engaged with us during our livestreams and contributed in any way. No matter the occasion, we look forward to empowering women in any form.