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Show Your Valorant Skills in the 3D Aim Trainer X Red Bull Campus Clutch Competition

Put your aiming skills to the test in the Red Bull Campus Clutch competition and win big prizes!

You think you're good at Valorant? No? Well, either way, it's time to show off your built-up FPS skills. Red Bull Campus Clutch paired up with 3D Aim Trainer to issue a Valorant-themed challenge with some big prizes. Keep reading to find out how to win and participate in this limited time competition.

The prizes

Here are the awesome prizes that you can win:

That's not everything, however! One lucky participant will be randomly selected to receive a prize pack which includes a full set of accessories, SteelSeries products, and a signed FaZe jersey!

Okay, how do I enter?

3D Aim Trainer Contest.

This challenge takes place from October 21st until December 15th.

In order to participate, simply go to the Red Bull Campus Clutch 3D Aim Trainer site.

The website displays the current leaderboards, the time remaining for the challenge in the upper right corner, and all the awesome prizes you can nab. Click the "Play Now" button to get started, and you can quickly register if you haven't done that yet.

The highest scores at the end of the period will be the winners, with the second highest and third receiving the 2nd and 3rd place prizes, respectively.

I just tried it, and I got 349th place. I'm quite certain you can beat that.

I, Woocash, tried, but it's ok. You can do much better than this. I'm really not an FPS person. I think I'm a Moira main in Overwatch because let's be real, only people who can't aim would main her. She's really a MOBA character stuck in Overwatch. It does take skill to make the orbs bounce properly, though.

Get practicing and learn more about 3D Aim Trainer on our blog.

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