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Key Features to Look For in Game Recording Software

When you're trying to record your video games, what kind of software is helpful? Let's explore the features you need and how to fulfill them.

Anyone can get into content creation these days, as the tools to do so are more accessible than ever before. When it comes to game capture software, there are many good features to consider: price, availability, quality of the output, customization options, ease of use, and so on.

Finding a quality recording software with a streamlined user interface has never been more important. The number of live streamers, social media clips, and the continued rise of PC game popularity makes fighting for visibility crucial. The free game recording software, Moments, is a fantastic solution for gamers looking to maximize their ability to create content.

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Key features to look for in game recording software:

1. High-quality recording

Any Twitch or YouTube video viewer knows that a low bit-rate is an instant turn off. While your friends may put up with low quality for a moment and be forgiving, any random or new viewer might already be switching to a different channel or video.

That's why a high-quality recording with a great frame rate is essential to recording video and capturing crisp game sound. There are many video capture softwares out there, from the old-school Bandicam to OBS Studio. The above clip was captured with Moments, which is a free recording app, and a better, more modern solution to easily solve your game recording issues.

2. Customizable recording settings

Recording software settings

Often, the settings of recording software are obscured, hidden behind many menus, or overly complicated, with lots of quality sliders too many options.

Moments keeps it nice and easy. All the clip recording settings are in one place. You can adjust their duration (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes), video quality, resolution, and frame rate.

You also get to see an immediate clip size estimate based on your settings. That's extremely helpful when thinking about how much precious hard drive space you can spare on a video capture software. The page will also display how much space there is remaining on the hard drive.

Video capture can quickly get out of hand, so rather than constantly capturing your video, take streamlined clips that won't take as much space, adjusted with these easy recording settings.

3. Easy-to-use interface

Moments Gallery interface

Combing through video footage on Windows can be tiring and tedious. Many file names are just a series of numbers. These issues are a thing of the past with the built-in organization and easy to use interface of Moments.

Moments uses a gallery view that showcases all your captured clips gathered in one place. Simply click any of them to view them in detail. What's more, you can sort through the clips easily. You can Star them to remember the important ones; you can view them by game; you can view them by type (trimmed, auto-captured); you can sort them by oldest to newest or vice-versa.

Everything in Moments is designed to streamline the capture and sharing of clips with simple click-and-drag interfaces.

4. Real-time video preview

Tying to the organization feature above, the gallery view of Moments is great because the clips will preview in real-time for you. Whichever clip you hover over with your mouse will start playing. This is fantastic when you'll have lots of clips that look nearly identical based on the thumbnail, especially if they're from the same game.

Now you have an excellent method of previewing them that is much better than opening and playing each clip in Windows Explorer.

5. PC screen recording

Desktop capture app

You might notice that the bullet point above has a desktop capture. Moments has a convenient tool for capturing your desktop that's easy to use. It functions just like capturing your gameplay clips, so you will pick it up practically instantly.

6. Automatic recording features

Auto clip saving recording

Now, this is a really cool feature of Moments. Moments can automatically capture clips when something hype happens in your game! The AI detects when you get a multi-kill for example, or score a goal in Rocket League, and it captures the clip for you. In case you forget to immortalize a great moment, this app will do it for you, and you never know — that could be a clip that gets lots of views.

The list of auto-clip-compatible games is growing. We recently added Destiny 2, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, and the list is growing. There is also Apex Legends, Brawlhalla, Valorant, Dota 2, Fall Guys, Genshin Impact, League of Legends, and many more!

7. Easy social media sharing features

Share video on social media

Finally, it's super easy to share gaming footage with Moments. With a click-and-drag interface, you decide which platform you want to share on: Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Decide the size of the clip and drag it to your favorite Discord channel and you just shared a clip!

Moments cuts down all that preparation and exporting that you would otherwise have to do in other recording software.

Ready to try recording gameplay footage in Moments? Try it for free now.

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