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How to Start Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Intermission DLC

Wondering how to start up Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade's new Intermission DLC? Here's how you can do so quickly.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is an expanded version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which brings the '90s JRPG classic to life once more as a sprawling, gorgeous recreation with a set of brand-new additions to the story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake first debuted on the PlayStation 4, but now you can try it out with better frame rate, graphical improvements, and additional content on PlayStation 5. There's also a brand new episode you can play through if you want more from the game, though: Episode Intermission, which features the Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi.

Episode Intermission is an exclusive DLC that only PS5 players can try out, and it offers 6 to 8 hours of additional content. It follows Yuffie on her journey while working with Avalanche to steal the Shinra Corporation's most prized materia right from under their nose. Luckily, if you've already completed the base game and don't want to go through dozens of other hours of gameplay to see Yuffie's exploits, you don't have to. You can jump right in to play the new content whenever you're ready, and we'll show you how to right now.

How to download Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Episode Intermission DLC

The PlayStation menu, where you'll navigate to make sure you've purchased the DLC episode.Source: Square Enix

First, go to the PlayStation Store and search for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Use the "Final Fantasy VII Remake upgrade for PS5" option and download and install it. If you already have the PlayStation 4 version downloaded, simply go to your Final Fantasy VII Remake game icon on the PlayStation dashboard. Then press the Options button, then "Manage Game Content." You can choose which game you want to play and which version from here, or download the version that you're missing, then play from there.

How to start Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Episode Intermission DLC

The menu screen of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, where you'll select what you want to play.Source: Square Enix

First, load up Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PlayStation 5. Then, press the R2 button to shift over to the Episode Intermission screen. You can start playing whenever you'd like, as there is a separate menu here for you to get started, and it will work separately from your Final Fantasy VII Remake save. Nothing from your original save game will transfer over to Episode Intermission, as it is a standalone experience.

There you have it! That's all you need to know about starting up the game.

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