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How to Get a Free Skin in Marauders - Giveaway

For Game On, SteelSeries joined forces with Team17 and Small Impact Games to get you an exclusive skin!

First-person multiplayer extraction looter-shooter Marauders is bringing its latest major update, "Excavation," to us on July 4th, which introduces a brand-new raid set in an industrial mining vessel, constructed to capture passing asteroids and extract their valuable resources.

Players will be able to trade blows and bullets around its hulking steel interiors, then descend its depths to pillage new gear from a labyrinthin-like system of caves built within a hollowed-out asteroid. Check out the trailer for the upcoming update here:

To celebrate the launch of the Excavation Update, SteelSeries has teamed up with Team17 and Small Impact Games to equip you with an exclusive skin for all your marauding activities out in the wilds of space.

Redeem a free Marauders skin

This promo works only from July 3rd until July 10th!

Dive into asteroid mines with this steel worker outfit built to protect the user from the dangers of deep space industrial action. Originally created for gathering and processing precious metals but now it’s survival of the fittest.

To claim this exclusive outfit, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account or create one if you haven't (on the website)
  2. Go over to the Games Giveaway Page
  3. Click on the "Get Key" button, pass a simple Captcha test, and redeem a key! Supplies are limited, so don't hesitate!

Marauders free skin

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