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How to Really Grow Your TikTok Following

I tracked down social media extraordinaire Jon Koob to ask him some for some input on being a content creator on TikTok, including how to get verified, why you shouldn't use an Android phone, little known tips, and more.

In the span of about 6 months, you started and grew the SteelSeries TikTok channel to 6 million likes and over 300k followers. How have you done that in such a short time?
  • I immersed myself into TikTok culture - tried to post at least daily, but never beat myself up if I couldn't.
  • Test test test
  • I made a lot of sub-par videos before making any successful ones
  • Posting original content, formatted with current and topical trends

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What general, easy tips do you have for new content creators on the platform?
  • Spend 2-3 hours on the app a day: observe trends, commonly used songs, and creators on the rise
  • Post 2-3 times a day, even if you don't think the content is "good"
  • Constantly experiment
You post multiple different content types - relatable gaming jokes, harsh responses, actual advice, etc. Would you recommend a wide range of variety for all creators?
  • For someone starting fresh on TikTok, I'd recommend going wide with experimentation at first, when it comes to formats and topics. See what works and what you like.
  • Or, if you already know what you like, commit to that and go deep within the topic and format.
What relatively unknown tips and features do you reccommend?
  • Switch to a pro account no matter what - it allows you to link your instagram, view analytics, and other goodies
  • Being active in other people's comment section is a great way to gain followers organically (i.e. have funny or meaningful comments on others' videos).
  • Utilize the duet feature - reaction videos are common and an easy way to grow a following or build your brand on TikTok.

@TikTok's account with a "Verified Account" checkmarkSource:

How do you get verified?

Verification (to my knowledge) must be done officially through a TikTok contact. The exact details are unknown. If you have a verified account on another platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), I know that helps speed up the process.

What's the deal with needing to use an iPhone for quality?

Unfortunately, and like with so many other apps, Android users are at a technological disadvantage on TikTok, because of video compression. Most apps (TikTok included) are initially developed to serve iOS devices - meaning media that gets uploaded to TikTok through an iPhone is much more crisp/clear/etc. than one from an Android-even if the specs of the Android phone's camera are better. Sigh.

What are some no-no's and things to avoid?
  • Avoid directly copying people's content
  • Don't settle in - always test everything! The TikTok algorithm is (supposedly) ever-changing, so if you're not posting often, you'll miss out on opportunities to learn and gain traction
What about posting similar videos with slight variations in the hopes that one takes off?

Posting videos with slight variations is simply one form of testing. You could post the same exact 2 videos with only 1 difference and study the outcome (like an A/B test)

Of course, see it in action over on our TikTok.

We hope these insights help you to keep improving your channel and content 💪

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