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Horizon Forbidden West: Release Date, Trailers, News

One of the biggest launches of this year is already happening in February, and we can't wait to dive into another huge adventure with Aloy, the fearless robot huntress on a relentless quest to save humanity.

Aloy's adventure is riding on the heels of the success of the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn, which saw a PS4 as well as a PC release. Aloy charmed us with a world that shows a mixture of tribal and futuristic elements, a world where people hunt for animals with somewhat primitive weapons, but clash with developed robots, resembling dinosaurs or other beasts. With lots of secrets to explore, weapons to upgrade, and quests to fulfill, the Horizon games are set for one of the biggest releases for PlayStation this year with Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West release date is 18 fevereiro, 2022.

Horizon Forbidden West pre-orders are live on the PlayStation store. The PS4 version is available for $59,99, while the PS5 and PS4 edition is $69,99. There's also a Digital Deluxe Edition with a bunch of goodies.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer

Loving the latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer. It showcases more of a general gameplay flow, as opposed to the glimpses of scenes and combat we've seen before. The "Challenges" trailer showcases many features of the game, and yes, the Hunting Grounds return, likely with a similar scoring system that existed in the first game. I remember retrying many of the challenges until I could figure out what to do to completely clear them. Maxing out Aloy is really fun, and similarly to the first title, we'll head to new settlements, upgrading our armor and gear. This time, however, the spear combat is a lot more robust, as we've been seeing Aloy pull off many more special moves. The spear also seems to have more upgrades than before.

I'm excited for the new arena, shown in the trailer, for some close-quarter combat challenges. There's also a new system for hunting rare parts, some kind of contract.

Horizon Forbidden West story trailer

Aloy faces greater challenges yet, as she heads west, approximately to what used to be San Francisco. A new type of disease plagues the land and seems to control the machines, making them go haywire. On top of that, there's a warchief, bloodthirsty Regalla, bent on combat. We'll have our hands full battling both human and robotic opponents (in between spouts of hunting rabbits and fish, surely). The narrative was a strong point of the first game, with many audio logs scattered around, carving out a rich backstory.

Horizon Forbidden West extended launch trailer

Still, the best trailer for the game is from months ago, debuting during a PlayStation State of Play presentation. With nearly 13 minutes of showtime, we see an awesome showcase of Aloy's abilities, including the Breath of the Wild-style glider. This was the best presentation where we learned a lot of new systems, like Aloy's ability to dive underwater and new ways to climb buildings. Of course, the bestiary is on an impressive display here as well.

Are you as pumped for Horizon Forbidden West as we are? Whether you have a PS5 or a PS4, this should be an awesome experience.