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7 Developers You Can Watch Make Games

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your favorite video games? You might be surprised to learn that some indie developers will let you be a fly on the wall while they work.

Check out these indie game developers who stream their process:


ProfoundRice is an Overwatch and programming streamer working on a Twitch chat game. She streams game development on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and some other fun stuff like cooking and gaming the rest of the week. She's super nice to chat with and sometimes you can hear her cute cat meowing!

She describes the game as "Jackbox Party Pack with Twitch chat." Currently, she is creating a "2 truth 1 lie" minigame in which users can vote on which one they think is a lie.


Jitspoe is a former AAA gameplay programmer that worked on Far Cry 3 & 4, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and now makes indie games. He's currently working on Fist of the Forgotten, a momentum-based, silhouette style platformer. Check out that 'stache!


XskodeMedia is making a 2D action puzzle game with RPG elements called Mage Attack. You can watch it take shape on his stream in real time!

Triple Jump Games

Henry Schmitt, a former AAA game dev who worked on titles like Saints Row and Call of Duty, is now making his first solo game. It's a Twitch-integrated colony sim called Modlands.


This indie developer lives in Japan and makes games live on Twitch. He's currently working on a rogue-like title. You can check out his previous games here.


Draw from Earth is a rogue-like, turn-based card game. The goal is to find your way back to Earth. This is the first solo project from a Korean developer who has programmed professionally for the past 4 years.


Alex, aka Hoby2000, is a contract game developer working on a game tentatively called Cauldron Legends for Trykon Studios. A demo will be released soon, but you can watch him work on his Twitch livestream.

Have fun watching these game projects come to life!

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