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Dinkum Guide

Tired of trying to figure out how to spend your days? Stuck on how to improve your island or town? Check out our guide to see what you might be missing!

Dinkum is a brand-new simulation game that blends familiar elements from Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley while creating a new charm in an Australian-inspired landscape showcasing a world of endless possibility to the player.

Getting Started

Dinkum Getting Started

When taking your first steps on the island, you’ll need to place down your base tent, which will eventually turn into your town hall, and the tent evetually becomes your home, too. There is no right or wrong area to place your buildings. However, you should keep in mind that the starting buildings can be crucial to how you end up shaping the rest of your town. If you change your mind on the placement of a building, you can request a move for 25.000 dinks later in the game.

What Are Dinks? How Do I Get Them?

Dinkum What are Dinks?

Dinks are the currency used to shop for in-game items or expand your town. There are tons of ways to collect dinks such as fulfilling requests through your town job board, selling items at your local shop, or completing personal tasks for your residents, which also boosts your relationships with them.

Some early methods you can use to help farm some early dinks are:

  • Catching and selling fish
  • Catching and selling bugs
  • Selling cooked fruits and meats
  • Selling wood planks (once the sawmill is obtained)

Always Gather Materials!

Dinkum Gathering Materials

You can never have too much of a material. You never know when you’ll need more wood or stone, so save yourself a trip and gather materials as you see them. Trees and rocks do respawn randomly throughout your island so take advantage of the landscape given to you. If you do find yourself worrying about the ecosystem, you can always replant them using the seeds dropped.

Bonus: Any extra materials can always be sold for dinks at John's shop!

Befriend Residents

Dinkum friendship

What fun is an empty island without any other residents? In Dinkum, one of the key elements to success and growing your town is to create relationships with your visitors. By completing jobs for each visitor, you can sway them into moving into your town and possibly opening a shop that provides you with more resources.

Always be ready with some food on hand. Visitors tend to be hungry and may offer you an easy task of bringing them something to eat. Just watch out for the foods they like and dislike!

Is Dinkum a Single-Player or Multiplayer game?

Dinkum multiplayer

While building an island by yourself can be fun, if you do get lonely you can enjoy Dinkum with up to three friends simultaneously. The island progress will be tied to the lobby host; however, all villager relationships will be specific to your player.

This is one of my personal favorite features as this made traveling to other islands feel more fulfilling since I was able to not only able to provide some help, but I was also able to further my progress in the process.

Tips to Elevate Your Gameplay

  • Keep your inventory clear of clutter by making multiple storage crates. They are easy to craft and can be used decoratively if placed strategically.
  • If you find yourself low on ores, upgrade your mining license and check out the deep mine where ores and treasures can be found. Beware of monsters.
  • If you want to invite others to your town but have items you worry about, keep them in your travel bag which can be found in your Base Tent/Town Hall. Items in your travel bag cannot be accessed by others and follow you to other islands.
  • Cooking food is as easy as placing it on your campfire or grill and can add huge stat boosters to even basic foods such as meat.

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