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Best Items to Unlock First in the Armory in MW3

The Armory Unlock Challenges system is brand new in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and you can use it to unlock top-tier items very quickly.

If you have played any Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, you likely have some questions about the new Armory Unlock Challenges system. This is a feature never seen before in Call of Duty and you need to utilize it to unlock around half of the content available in multiplayer.

When you get access to the Armory, all of this content is immediately available to unlock. Naturally, you might be a little overwhelmed about what to start unlocking first, as that can play a major role in your progression and overall experience in the early going of MW3. Luckily, we have put together a guide that goes over the top five items you should prioritize first in the Armory. These five items are extremely useful to have, especially at earlier levels, and will improve your gameplay significantly.

The items below are listed in order of their importance, but you can choose to unlock them in whatever order you see fit.

1. Covert Sneakers

Covert Sneakers mw3 cod

There is perhaps not a stronger perk in the entirety of MW3 multiplayer than Covert Sneakers. There’s a reason it was the top spot on our "best perks" list for MW3. This perk falls in the “Boots” category and makes your footsteps completely silent when walking or sprinting around the map. This allows you to stay stealthy and sneak up behind enemies to secure easy kills. You also can’t be heard by enemies from several feet away, allowing you to flank and get into power positions with ease.

Covert Sneakers can be unlocked with three Daily/Bonus Challenges in the Armory.

2. MCW

mcw cod mw3

Right now, the MCW is the meta assault rifle in MW3. The reincarnation of the classic ACR is a dominant force on the map and can be used in just about any situation you might find yourself in. Unlike other items on this list, you can actually unlock the MCW outside of the Armory at level 44. However, if don’t want to spend 20 levels without the rifle, then unlocking it early will provide a huge boost to your gameplay. You can see a strong loadout for the MCW in our previous guide as well.

The MCW can be unlocked with three Daily/Bonus Challenges in the Armory or at level 44 in MW3.

3. Ghost T/V Camo

ghost camo mw3 cod

At number three, we have a classic perk that comes in handy at just about any time during the course of a match in MW3. Ghost T/V Camo is a Gear perk that keeps you off the enemy’s radar when they have a UAV in the air. Ghost only works when moving, though, so if you stop moving, you can be seen on the radar. This is a hugely important perk to have, as the UAV spam is constant in the early going of MW3.

Ghost T/V Camo can be unlocked with three Daily/Bonus Challenges in the Armory.

4. Stim

Stim mw3 cod

The Stim is an extremely underrated piece of tactical equipment that is even more important in MW3. Multiplayer features no way to regain your health quickly after being damaged with the exception of the Stim. This equipment allows you to inject yourself with a needle and immediately regain health and Tactical Sprint. If you’re an aggressive player who finds themselves in red health more often than not, you need to unlock Stim sooner rather than later.

The Stim can be unlocked with three Daily/Bonus Challenges in the Armory.

5. Rival-9

rival-9 cod mw3

The final Armory unlock on our list is the Rival-9. The Rival-9 is currently the meta submachine gun in MW3 and it’s only unlocked through the Armory. If you’re an SMG-type of player, then you absolutely need to unlock the Rival-9 before some of the other items on this list (namely the MCW). This SMG tears through enemies at close range and has fantastic recoil control and damage range at longer distances when equipped with the right attachments.

However, if you participated in the MW3 beta and have the “Beta Ripper” Rival-9 blueprint, then there is no need to unlock the SMG from the Armory. In this case, you can instead unlock something like the Assault Gloves, which is a perfect perk choice for SMG players.

The Rival-9 can be unlocked with three Daily/Bonus Challenges in the Armory.

And that wraps up our list of the best items to unlock in the Armory in MW3. Of course, if your playstyle is different, then choose the items you feel will enhance your overall experience.

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